Sunset Majesty
Sunset Majesty
Sunset Majesty

Sunset Majesty

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Title: Sunset Majesty
(November, 2021)

Location:  Chobe River, Botswana

Description: The most magical elephant encounter I've ever had.  We were making our way back towards the park exit in our boat as the sun was setting, when we saw this single beautiful full grown bull elephant grazing along the shoreline. We turned off the boat and let it drift while snapping photos of the majestic scene… I had my wide angle lens on, and for a while I was completely lost in the creative zone, purely focused on the scene through my camera viewfinder as the elephant slowly meandered around the river’s edge, inching closer and closer.… Then I hear a long, deep, earthy guttural sound, like a strange mixture between a pure and a roar. A heart-stopping sound that you can feel in your chest and raises goosebumps, yet strangely fills you with a calmness and sense of being seen. Having forgotten the wide angle lens truth that things are actually much closer than they appear in camera, I look up to see the elephant towering almost directly over us and our boat on the bank's edge, close enough he could easily touch us with his trunk. My mind briefly thinks how in one wrong movement we could be crushed… but the elephant just stands there, gazing down at us though his eyelashes, and we suddenly have the feeling he knows us and everything about us. I put down my camera and just watch in awe as he blinks, and a low guttural communication emanates from within him, before he turns his attention back to munching the grass on the river’s edge. As our boat drifts back out from the shoreline away from this beautiful creature, we sit back in silent wonder, trying to process just how special the encounter was... and I'm just so, so grateful to have experienced it.

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